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Janurary in Indiana !

The long icicles hanging from the roof is just one of the many reminders of the recent snow storms that came through Indiana.  Residents had been fixated with snow, rain and then slick roads.  Long lines at the local car wash this past week meant everyone was trying to remove the salty slush mess left on vehicles.

A sure sign of spring:  Girl Scout cookies for sale.  This past week young girls went around the neighborhoods taking orders for Girl Scout Cookies.   So far I have purchased six boxes  —  after all most are fat-free.

With Indiana getting snow – I was surprised to see the lack of snowmen.  With videos and iPads is Frosty the Snowman the thing of the past?  I saw only one (lame) snowman in a yard on the south end of town.

At our house we are looking forward to a Superbowl Football party although with not as much enthusiasm as if the Indianapolis Colts were playing in the Indianapolis Lucas Oil-Stadium. 

We can hardly wait for the road crews to begin working on those chuck holes before it’s too late for your automobile.  Main Street has several hubcaps lost by passing cars.

Remember if you don’t like Indiana weather give it a day or two and it will change.  Just this week, in the middle of January, you can see people in the shopping mall wearing shorts and flip-flops.    

“Come As You Are!”

My niece was planning her birthday party and wanted it just a tad different from others she had attended.  I mentioned she should have a “Come As You Are” party.  The confused look on her face said it all  —  it showed my age.

 “Come As You Are”   parties were fun.   It would happen in the morning  or     afternoon when you least  expected it.      A quick telephone call and   the  person asked you to the party  –  right then —   just as you were.                  It was  too late  to change clothes. 

We would listen to records, dance, and eat munchies – somehow we always ended up calling boys on the telephone.

One afternoon I was wearing a white shirt that had long since been discarded by my older sister, white levis that were deeply cuffed, complete with tomato stains on the left knee.  But any embarrassment at the party left when my friend Dianna showed up with her hair wrapped in a towel and wearing a pair of her brothers’ basketball shorts.

It was always fun to see what Jill would be wearing.  She was always fussy about looking her best at school.  She always looked perfect.   Some how she never came to a single party with odd-looking clothes.   One party she did arrive with her hair in hair rollers.  I wish I had taken a picture.                 

              I was still reminiscing about the parties I had attended when  I looked   at my niece.    She asked with a  rocking  mocking  supercilious  air,           “Why would I want a “Come As You Are’ party?”

I still wish I had taken a few photographs.


“Soup to Nuts”

To break the spell of a Saturday routine – try
an afternoon excursion to the flea market.
There you can mingle with people and shop for old and new items.
You might even stumble upon an antique treasure gone unnoticed by less observant eyes.
Or perhaps, you might see that item from the past that
you now could not live without.

There are new t-shirts on sale for less than one
dollar – I had to purchase a few of these!
I’ve found they are great to use as nightshirts when the nephew
makes an unexpected sleep over.
We saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse items for the kids and tools for the men.  There were antique items along side of new
contraptions that any house should not be without.     They handle kinds of collectible items, you it name it,  and they will probably have it.

There were paperbacks for only 25 cents each.  I picked up a dozen for my grandmother.  My husband saw a toy truck that was similar
to one he played with as a child.
It is now considered an antique.

We did see a wide variety of items for sale at
the flea market.  If you have time to
spare why not check it out.  It might be true
to say they have everything from “soup to nuts.”

By far the most unusual item we found for sale
was an old High School year book that had my brother-in-law in it.   We
actually saw what my brother-in-law looked like in his junior year of high
school.  We purchased the book for one dollar;
wonder how much it will be worth to him to keep it quiet.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Due to the cold and wet, 
I have not been able to do anything in my garden.  From what I see around the town, many other
gardeners are in the same boat.

The daffodils that grow
along the front of my house have put forth blooms and my tulips lived through
this winter’s ice storm.

My sister brought me a
Mosquito Plant by yesterday so that I might keep those pesky little critters
away.  The easy-to-grow Mosquito Plant
emits a fragrance that keeps mosquitoes away!
The only catch is you must rub or crush leaves to release the scent.

I maintain a small garden
with plenty of tomatoes for the hubby and me.
I enjoy the taste of fried green tomatoes but he has yet to appreciate
this delicacy, leaving me his share.

Summer days cannot get
here fast enough for me.   I need to step
outside in my bare feet and crunch up those mosquito plant leaves….