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Horoscope Compatibility


A friend,  whom I’ll call Suzie,  reads her horoscope each morning as she drinks her coffee.   Lately,  she has been  giving me advice  on how I  should  handle the day.
I am not a superstitious person. I do not believe in fortune tellers with a deck of cards, nor do I believe that my life can be ruled by the alignment of the planets. I do have to admit that every now and then, when she gives advice, she can come curiously close to the fact.
A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a book that had different astrology descriptions about my sign (I am a Gemini – born between May 22 and June 21). Now I have to say I do not believe everything that I read, but it is amusing to read these things to see how close or factual they actually are.
The book  gives  the  names of some famous Gemini:  John F. Kennedy,  Frank Lloyd Wright,  Cole Porter,  John Dillinger —  opps  maybe I’ll skip to the next page.
From what I read, Gemini is symbolized by the Twins which represents the duality of interest, occupation, and performance. Born under the sign of Gemini, my moods are like quick silver and change with the wind. Wait, what was I going to do next?
The reading continues: You think you like everyone and everyone should like you. Therefore you have many acquaintances. Excuse me while I answer the telephone, my friends keep calling tonight.
According to the literature, a Gemini thinks fast, talks fast, and can give the impression of a person always on the go. Actually, you run on nervous energy which can manifest as irritability and restlessness. Sometimes, I get so aggravated with this cell phone for not keeping up with my web page.
It reads that “a Gemini can think and talk but seldom listens”.
“Sorry honey, were you saying something?”
Again, I  don’t believe in everything these  readings  had to say.  Some were close, others were way out there,  and  there were some parts that hit it right on the head.   If you believe in this stuff,  well then good for you.   I think the Pisces astrology  interpretations  fit me the closest.   Guess I’ll have to change my birth date.







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Return of the Snowbirds


imagesMy Aunt Sharon and Uncle Steven should return to Greenwood soon.  They are the family snowbirds. Just like our feathered friends, with the first signs of spring, they return.

“Snowbirds,” just like many actual birds, leave Indiana for the winter, but come back home in the spring.

Aunt Sharon and Uncle Steven have spent the winter in Lake Havasu, Arizona.  They have made friends in Arizona yet they always return to Indiana in the spring.

My husband never fails to mention them when he is out shoveling snow or scraping the ice on the car windows.  Uncle Steven also manages to call late night when it is bitter cold here – just to mention that he has his windows open and is enjoying the evening air.

Some people call them lucky.  These individuals who can migrate away from the cold.  They never have to put their summer clothes away, or purchase a new winter coat.  They never have to worry about which boots to wear just to go to the mailbox.  They spend the winter working on their tan.

By spending the winters in the warmer climate, snowbirds don’t have to deal with icy roads, shoveling their walks, falling on the ice and all of the other winter hazards.

They have a good reason for coming back – it’s home!  If they had to call any one place in the world home, Indiana would be it.  They have their home here and their family.

The neighbors and family watch the house for them.  Snowbirds aren’t just sunny day friends.  They do miss Indiana, but not quite enough to brave the cold and snow.

Basically,  they  escape from  the  hard cold  during the winter  and  it is beautiful  in Arizona.

Within a few weeks you can see the snowbirds flying (or driving) back to Indiana.  You can be sure winter is out of view.  Gone but not forgotten.






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Christmas Shopping !


Now the fun can begin. Less than twenty shopping days until Christmas.  Why is it that many of us wait until the very last minute to do our holiday shopping?

Only once could you find me shopping exactly three days before Christmas.  On that day I made a promise to myself, I would never let the shopping days slip away again!

You do not want to find yourself looking for that perfect gift for your loved one on the day before Christmas.  Why?  Because you might not find anything.  That’s why my brother-in-law always winds up with more than one sweatshirt.  When people wait, they can’t find him anything.

Other than the food court, I can’t picture why people enjoy shopping the week before Christmas.  The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally known for being the biggest shopping day in retail.  If we understand this, then why would someone want to fight the crowds two days before Christmas?

The last thing I want to do is spend four or five hours of my time meandering all over the mall, getting pushed and shoved around by a mob of shoppers.

No, I do not cop out of the experience by giving a gift certificate.  Although that idea, for some people is better appreciated.

I do the biggest majority of Christmas shopping in July.  It’s a trade-off, I shop with no hassles.  I leave the shopping on December 23rd to those who want to fight the crowd.





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One Flat Tire


A blonde lady might be intimated by an automobile flat tire, but not me. I’m the blonde with dark roots you remember.  I also know my father taught me how to make simple repairs.  True, that was more years ago than I care to remember, but the basic survival instincts stay with you.

At first I did  look at  the flat tire in question  and thought, putting my hands on it,  maybe it’s just cold.   I’ll let the  sun warm it up  for  a couple hours and  see what happens.

“Knock it off,” I could hear my father say.  “Change the flat tire.”

Leaning back into the car, I pressed the trunk release button.  I wished I’d worn slacks, but was grateful that my shoes were flats and not heels.

I groaned out loud as I rummaged around in the trunk.  I knew the jack was nicely hidden behind something.  There I found a few assorted tools, chamois, a beach towel, road flares, and a tattered old blanket.  The tire would be under all this.

I would have a Firebird.   My father would be proud  that  I  was smart enough to keep the  locking lug nut  key taped to the spare tire.  Now  I  attempted to assemble  jack parts according to memory.    I issued a  fifteen  second  burst  of profanity.

I placed the jack under the fender and turned the handle to raise the car.  How long will it take to actually raise this car?  I continued turning the handle.  I issued a second set of profanity.

I picked up the lug wrench and fit it over the lug nut.  Who ever came up with the name ‘lug?’

I put counterclockwise pressure to the lug wrench until the nut loosened.  I applied all the force I had to the wrench, all the while questioning if I might hurt myself.   Sitting on the ground,  panting, issuing more  profanity: I  stared at the lug nuts.

Standing I put the wrench back on the lug nut and tried kicking it (the wrench) with my foot.  I felt something give.  I might have broken my toe.

“Hey, Little Lady.”  Concentrating on the flat tire I did not hear the man’s footsteps approaching around the car.  Stepping away from my car I could see a gold Chevy pickup truck parked behind my car.  I could hear a “Three Dog Night” song still playing.  There wasn’t a speck of dirt on the truck and the license plate read:  “It’s a 36”  

I hated being called Little Lady.  It unmistakably made me feel as though I was ten years old.  “I’m fine, thank you.” I said, rubbing my foot.  “I just have a flat tire.  I can fix it.”

“Well Little Lady, I only stopped because it looks like you could use some help.”

What was I doing?  A small part of me was indignant at being treated as though I was feeble minded, but even worse, I hate to admit that I was happy to be getting some help.  More than likely – this manly man – could finish replacing this tire long before I could have taken off these lug nuts. 

Pride is a difficult thing to swallow,  yet I said,  “Yes, I could  use some help.   Thank you.” 

He slid his hand in his trouser pocket.  He handed me his cell telephone.  “Here, you might want to call the garage on Main Street to come help – like you should have done in the first place.” 



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School Daze ! !

School has started.  There are some parents out there who are still doing a little dance.  Not my sister.  Her son started first grade Monday and neither mother nor aunt is handling it very well.

I am sure that in time he will recover from the embarrassment and shock  caused by his mother holding on to the back bumper of the school bus screaming, “Don’t take my baby!”

On his first day, I took off from the newspaper long enough to see him off to school.    When I arrived he was in line at the bus stop.   Along with his mother, I had hopes of taking him to school.  Neither of us got to take him, which didn’t bother him at all but nearly killed us.

Since neither of us actually got to take him, we hurried down to the school just to watch.  We wanted to see him.  We parked across from the school, watched him get off the bus, and go into the building.

Both his mother and I were able to walk into his first grade room.  I was not prepared for what I saw.  In kindergarten last year, he sat at a big table with the other students.  He looks so tiny now behind the big desk of his own.

I saw my sisters knees get weak and the room must have gotten fuzzy when she saw him sit down at his own desk.  He looked so much older and more mature than the little guy she laid out clothes for that morning.

He immediately started talking to old friends he hadn’t seen all summer.  My sister stood there a little dazed.  Her son did not even know she was in the room.  Odds are she wanted to go over and hug him.  I myself wanted to go comb his hair once again. 

But instead, she walked over to him and whispered something like “Mommy has to go.”  His response must have come as a blow, “Yeah, sure.  Bye.”

She pulled herself together and  walked in front of me out the door.   I gave her a hug in the hallway.  I thought she could use a little encouragement.

I stopped by their house on my way home from work.  I wanted to be there when he got off the bus in the afternoon.  We stayed on the porch when he got off the bus. I will admit that I had my camera. I didn’t care if it embarrassed him or not.  When he is married with children of his own, he might appreciate the picture.  I jumped off the porch and snapped a quick photo.

He spotted me, ran up the walk and gave me a hug.  Life is good in Indiana.   


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Fried Green Tomatoes

Due to the cold and wet, 
I have not been able to do anything in my garden.  From what I see around the town, many other
gardeners are in the same boat.

The daffodils that grow
along the front of my house have put forth blooms and my tulips lived through
this winter’s ice storm.

My sister brought me a
Mosquito Plant by yesterday so that I might keep those pesky little critters
away.  The easy-to-grow Mosquito Plant
emits a fragrance that keeps mosquitoes away!
The only catch is you must rub or crush leaves to release the scent.

I maintain a small garden
with plenty of tomatoes for the hubby and me.
I enjoy the taste of fried green tomatoes but he has yet to appreciate
this delicacy, leaving me his share.

Summer days cannot get
here fast enough for me.   I need to step
outside in my bare feet and crunch up those mosquito plant leaves….

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