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I may be stretching it a bit but I kind of hate to see the hot weather leave.  As I write these words, the awful heat has apparently left, at least for a little while.  However; I would like to see the warmer weather stick around, at least through mid-September.

You see, my tomatoes are really starting to grow.  I went out yesterday and spotted several new sprouts on the vine.  If it stays warm, then I hope I can get more red tomatoes by the end of September or the first of October.

I wonder; was the tomatoes growth so slow because of the high temperatures?  Either way, the sun is slowly sinking low in the west, and that means fall is near.

Fall does not have to mean the end of gardening.  My sister has green onions, lettuce, radishes and spinach that were planted for fall harvest.  She even has brussel sprouts that can yield a harvest up until the temperatures fall below twenty degrees.

My neighbor enjoys her herb garden.  I’ve used a few of the spices from her garden in my spaghetti sauce.  Her garden is nice but a lot of work.  Me, I am happy with my little garden.  It enables me to have Indiana home-grown tomatoes.  Nice, juicy, red ones!

The start of school tells me that summer is practically over.  Soon it will be necessary to rake the fallen leaves.  It won’t be that long before we are out shoveling snow and scraping the ice from the windshield.

If Mother Nature will cooperate, I might be able to get one last basket of red tomatoes.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?   













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