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Half Time Show !

What are those strange sounds coming from the west side of town?  I know what they are – it is my nephew learning to play      a musical instrument. 

Watching the marching bands during the football games made him decide he wanted to continue the family tradition.   My nephew  opted for the  trumpet.  Naturally, he would want  for      a brass instrument  that  can  bellow  throughout the house     as he practices.

When I was in high school band we had so much fun!   We practiced to perfect our music.  We marched in parades, football games  and  band  contests.    The music  and  formations were important,  but the marching band was no better than the combined  performances of its  members.   On the football field  we played the high school song and formed the letter  “U”  for Union High School.  If one of the members had slacked, we could have easily became the number 6.   

My sister cannot remember where she stood in formation or for that matter if they made a formation at all.  Maybe being in the high school in the 70’s was fun because we made it so. We still laugh at the time Mary marched with her french horn toward the wrong guard post.  

The high school band was a great deal of hard work.  We loved and hated it.  I was in the curve of the U.  I held my horn up, keeping in step, while watching the percussion section form the second line of the U.  Slowly they took their position and we could begin.

To my neighbors — you do not have to listen closely.  Any week day afternoon it is there.  The unfamiliar sound (that might grate on your nerves) coming from a little boy and his trumpet. 

It is the next generation of the high school band. 







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