Half Time Show !

What are those strange sounds coming from the west side of town?  I know what they are – it is my nephew learning to play      a musical instrument. 

Watching the marching bands during the football games made him decide he wanted to continue the family tradition.   My nephew  opted for the  trumpet.  Naturally, he would want  for      a brass instrument  that  can  bellow  throughout the house     as he practices.

When I was in high school band we had so much fun!   We practiced to perfect our music.  We marched in parades, football games  and  band  contests.    The music  and  formations were important,  but the marching band was no better than the combined  performances of its  members.   On the football field  we played the high school song and formed the letter  “U”  for Union High School.  If one of the members had slacked, we could have easily became the number 6.   

My sister cannot remember where she stood in formation or for that matter if they made a formation at all.  Maybe being in the high school in the 70’s was fun because we made it so. We still laugh at the time Mary marched with her french horn toward the wrong guard post.  

The high school band was a great deal of hard work.  We loved and hated it.  I was in the curve of the U.  I held my horn up, keeping in step, while watching the percussion section form the second line of the U.  Slowly they took their position and we could begin.

To my neighbors — you do not have to listen closely.  Any week day afternoon it is there.  The unfamiliar sound (that might grate on your nerves) coming from a little boy and his trumpet. 

It is the next generation of the high school band. 







“See My Stuff ?”



Collections are an odd thing.  Some people call it memorabilia, while others call it a hobby.  A few admit openly, “I collect this stuff.”


My friend Dianna has each and every romance paperback book she ever read!  More than a few paperbacks date back to the 1940’s.   While her husband Bob  has a room filled with  Coca Cola merchandise.  He travels the state checking   flea markets for that certain item he can find at the right price. 


A school teacher in Greenwood talks about his postage stamps collection. He recently added a  five cent stamp he found for only fifty dollars. That is a good price for a nickel stamp?  My brother-in-law collects the magazine Playboy. He is most proud of an edition featuring Marilyn Monroe, which he could easily sell on eBay and make a hefty profit.  


Then there is Ethel who lives down the street.  She collects menus from all the different restaurants she has been at. A few of those restaurant menus I think she just stuck in her purse or jacket and walked out.   On the north side of town is a man who collects fishing lures.  Now that’s a collection you could get hooked on.   The piano teacher of my nephew collects tea cups and I hope he never touches one. 


A Johnson County resident was featured on the news with his lunch box collection.  Me, I’m certain that I had a lunch box with Heckle and Jeckle on it that was tossed long ago.  Baffling is Jill, who spends Saturday afternoons at yard sales looking for anything to add to her “McDonalds” collection.


I know of more than one person that collects salt and pepper shakers.  They never actually use them.   My sister collects spoons.  Wonder why she wants these miniature spoons that she can never use.


Collections vary from person to person.  Postcards, thimbles, beer mugs, angels, perhaps even rocks from different cities. You name it and odds are someone some place might collect it.    No matter what you call it, almost everyone has a habit of keeping a certain something. 


If anyone is interested in a collection, my nephew has his bugs from last year science class.  He will try to trade them to someone who has a leaf collection.  He will need that this year. 

“Takin’ It To The Streets”

Welcome to the out of the

ordinary and enchanting world of

Romance with Indiana



As the CD plays the music

“Takin’ It To The Streets” 

I’ve decided to do just that. 

Take my writing to the streets of the web. 


My girlfriend Sharon quotes Cinderella

each chance she can.   

“One shoe can make the difference.”  

Ahhh Cinderella – the classic romance story

of all times.   


 Are you ready for romance ? 

 Where does a good romance come from?   

 Romance is everywhere you only need to look. 

 Who would read romance if I wrote it? 

 But wait  –  this is my job!   


I show up in my yellow sweater, slippers,

drink in hand, and the romance comes alive. 

If I’m lucky I will write and get your attention.


Check out the web site: 

Lady Leo Publishing.  

 A web site that brings you the

best in confessions, short stories and novellas !



A Small Miracle


         ♥    Makyla Campbell was looking for love in all the wrong places.  The first man in her life left her feeling empty.  She hurried eloped with another man.  This failed leaving her with a child with no place else to go except back home.   She meets handsome Spencer Hines, but learns too late that he will never be free of his first wife.   She is left alone again only to find her soul mate in the most astonishing place.   Makyla finds a small gift box that makes her believe in small miracles.