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Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don’t


For more years than she cares to admit, my neighbor Jan, has slipped into a lacy blouse, ruffled skirt, and frilly petticoat to Do-si-do her partner, then promenade.
She rarely misses square dances. Dancing is a big part of her life. She loads up the car and travels throughout the USA with her square dance partner . . . her hubby.
Square dancing is a type of American folk dancing performed by groups of four or more couples. The couples may dance in a square formation or in a circle. They follow the directions of a caller, who calls out different movements and patterns.
Popular calls include the ‘weave the ring’ or ‘swing your partner’ and ‘for a star’. Main stream square dancing includes more than 100 different calls. All this is done to music provided by fiddles, banjos or guitars.
If you are intimidated by the outfits square dancers wear, you can relax. Some people come in their street clothes, but part of the fun for Jan is dressing up. Women often wear ruffled underwear under wide petticoats and full skirts. The men put on western shirts, sometimes with scarves or bolo ties. Yes, she has multiple pairs of cowboy boots.
A night out dancing usually doesn’t cost anymore than five dollars a person to get into the dance. Square dancers come in all ages from 9 to 90.
“You don’t have to be a dancer to square dance,” she tells me as she tried to convince me to join. Me? I can occasionally confuse my left hand with my right foot
“It’s just good clean fun,” Jan says. “If you can listen and walk fast you can square dance.”
Listen and walk fast? This leaves the blonde lady with dark roots unable to promenade let alone Do-Si-Do.











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“Come As You Are!”

My niece was planning her birthday party and wanted it just a tad different from others she had attended.  I mentioned she should have a “Come As You Are” party.  The confused look on her face said it all  —  it showed my age.

 “Come As You Are”   parties were fun.   It would happen in the morning  or     afternoon when you least  expected it.      A quick telephone call and   the  person asked you to the party  –  right then —   just as you were.                  It was  too late  to change clothes. 

We would listen to records, dance, and eat munchies – somehow we always ended up calling boys on the telephone.

One afternoon I was wearing a white shirt that had long since been discarded by my older sister, white levis that were deeply cuffed, complete with tomato stains on the left knee.  But any embarrassment at the party left when my friend Dianna showed up with her hair wrapped in a towel and wearing a pair of her brothers’ basketball shorts.

It was always fun to see what Jill would be wearing.  She was always fussy about looking her best at school.  She always looked perfect.   Some how she never came to a single party with odd-looking clothes.   One party she did arrive with her hair in hair rollers.  I wish I had taken a picture.                 

              I was still reminiscing about the parties I had attended when  I looked   at my niece.    She asked with a  rocking  mocking  supercilious  air,           “Why would I want a “Come As You Are’ party?”

I still wish I had taken a few photographs.


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Half Time Show !

What are those strange sounds coming from the west side of town?  I know what they are – it is my nephew learning to play      a musical instrument. 

Watching the marching bands during the football games made him decide he wanted to continue the family tradition.   My nephew  opted for the  trumpet.  Naturally, he would want  for      a brass instrument  that  can  bellow  throughout the house     as he practices.

When I was in high school band we had so much fun!   We practiced to perfect our music.  We marched in parades, football games  and  band  contests.    The music  and  formations were important,  but the marching band was no better than the combined  performances of its  members.   On the football field  we played the high school song and formed the letter  “U”  for Union High School.  If one of the members had slacked, we could have easily became the number 6.   

My sister cannot remember where she stood in formation or for that matter if they made a formation at all.  Maybe being in the high school in the 70’s was fun because we made it so. We still laugh at the time Mary marched with her french horn toward the wrong guard post.  

The high school band was a great deal of hard work.  We loved and hated it.  I was in the curve of the U.  I held my horn up, keeping in step, while watching the percussion section form the second line of the U.  Slowly they took their position and we could begin.

To my neighbors — you do not have to listen closely.  Any week day afternoon it is there.  The unfamiliar sound (that might grate on your nerves) coming from a little boy and his trumpet. 

It is the next generation of the high school band. 







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