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Pumpkin Carving Opinions !

As Halloween approaches, the most single visible and popular symbol is the pumpkin. Or more commonly called – the jack-o-lantern.

Pumpkins are plucked from the vine then spark into flaming life with leering faces, while leaves die on their branches in bursts of red and gold.

I took my nephew to a local produce stand looking for the perfect pumpkin. Later at home we washed and dried it. A slippery pumpkin would be hard to work with. We then spread newspapers under the pumpkin.

We decided to save the pumpkin seeds. No, we didn’t want to get ahead of next summer’s crop. My mother has a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds. She uses these toasted pumpkin seeds in breads or muffins, or just to eat as a snack.

The afternoon was turning out to be enjoyable up to this point. Other adults stopped by to visit. The little guy now had way too much help!

Uncle Bob thought I was silly that we carve out the jack-o-lantern. Why cut and clean out the pumpkin. He always painted faces on his pumpkins. “Oh no” says Aunt Linda. First you must decide on the face. Should it be scary? Happy? Silly? She made the little guy draw several rough drafts of his carving on paper first. Aunt Linda went inside and my nephew opted to draw on the pumpkin itself.

I always cut my jack-o-lanterns at the top. We begin to carve a circle around the stem to make a lid. My neighbor had stopped by. He always makes his cut on the pumpkin from the bottom. The neighbor leaves and we continue to carve from the top.

Suggestions were still flowing when my husband drove up and mentioned that we cut a hole in the center of the back of the pumpkin for ventilation.

Hopefully, next year we won’t have so much help. There was more to carving this pumpkin than first met the eye.

Regardless of the different opinions, we transformed an ordinary pumpkin into a magical, seasonal decoration with a frightful design. It should delight the neighborhood with Boo-tiful decoration for Halloween.

Morels Everywhere !


‘Tis the season that native Hoosiers go mushroom hunting. 

I have been waiting on the morel mushrooms to come up.  I did see two or three black morels as the hubby and I took a stroll so I knew it wouldn’t be long before the gray and yellow ones popped up.

Why is it that some people know exactly where to look for mushrooms?  As a rule, people do not give out the locations as to where the best “find” of mushrooms are, but I’ve heard of more than one person headed east out of Greenwood and returned with mushrooms for their evening meal.

One problem is, one can never be sure where to look.  Mushrooms pop up when ever and where ever they see fit.  The same site that produces hundreds of morels one year might yield nothing the next.  So, the hunt continues.  It is fun just to go out and look for them.  They are only there for a very limited season.  If you could do it any day, all year-long, it wouldn’t be as fun.

My sister stopped by yesterday.  She had found enough mushrooms to fill a tote bag.  We agree, she finds them and I will clean and fry them up.  Finding mushrooms for my sister comes easy.  She once said that it was clear to her that since mushroom season lasts only a few short weeks that the Good Lord intended people to spend twice as much time hunting mushrooms as they do mowing the lawn.

I once tried to go mushroom hunting with her.   Although we were walking the same land, she found seventeen to my three.  Some people simply have a knack for finding mushrooms. Others stay at home and eat them.  A fried mushroom is an acquired taste.  You either like them or you don’t.

The mushrooms should last one or two more weeks, depending on the weather.  If you see my sister with a collapsed bag in hand perhaps you could talk her out of a few.  She always finds plenty.