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Collections are an odd thing.  Some people call it memorabilia, while others call it a hobby.  A few admit openly, “I collect this stuff.” 

My friend Jan has each and every romance paperback book she ever read!  More than a few paperbacks date back to the 1940’s.   While her husband Bob has a room filled with Coca Cola merchandise.  He travels the state checking   flea markets for that certain item he can find at the right price.  

A school teacher in Greenwood talks about his postage stamps collection. He recently added a five cent stamp he found for only fifty dollars. That is a good price for a nickel stamp?  My brother-in-law collects the magazine Playboy. He is most proud of an edition featuring Marilyn Monroe, which he could easily sell on eBay and make a hefty profit.   

Then there is Ethel who lives down the street.  She collects menus from all the different restaurants she has been at. A few of those restaurant menus I think she just stuck in her purse or jacket and walked out.   On the north side of town is a man who collects fishing lures.  Now that’s a collection you could get hooked on.   The piano teacher of my nephew collects tea cups and I hope he never touches one.  

A Johnson County resident was featured on the news with his lunch box collection.  Me, I’m certain that I had a lunch box with Heckle and Jeckel on it that was tossed long ago.  Baffling is Jill, who spends Saturday afternoons at yard sales looking for anything to add to her “McDonalds” collection. 

I know of more than one person that collects salt and pepper shakers.  They never actually use them.   My sister collects spoons.  Wonder why she wants these miniature spoons that she can never use. 

Collections vary from person to person.  Postcards, thimbles, beer mugs, angels, perhaps even rocks from different cities. You name it and odds are someone some place might collect it.    No matter what you call it, almost everyone has a habit of keeping a certain something.  

If anyone is interested in a collection, my nephew has his bugs from last year science class.  He will try to trade them to someone who has a leaf collection.  He will need that this year. 

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