The Sound of Birds Stopping By….. 

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Construction of birdhouses and bird feeders can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. Bird feeders can look like tiny bungalows, wooden A-frames or miniature chalets. Bird houses need no ornamentation to serve the birds using them, but an attractive design can enhance a yard. Thus, the custom-built bird feeders are for the person filling them not for the birds. 

My neighbor has two wood salad bowls with a wooden rod through the center. The house across the street has a large glass hanging feeder.   

A feeder could be attached to any window.   It will bring the bird up close for an exciting view.   The tube bird feeder, found in any variety store, could be fun.   One neighbor has a bird feeder made from old car license plates. 

Would the blue jays, sparrows, starlings or finches that visit the feeder in my yard be more excited if I had a little deck for the feathered guests to stand on? I think not. 

Bird feeder and houses are designed to bring pleasure for you and benefit our feathered friends. Where is it written that I have to build a fanciful birdhouse? It doesn’t seem to matter to the birds. 

Mix together my plain and simple looking bird feeder with bird seed and it looks like a scene from the movie The Birds in the back yard.  Works for me. 

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