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What is worse than a little boy having a bumper sticker?  A little nephew putting that bumper sticker on his uncle’s car, that’s what!  It caused a wee bit of a commotion. 

True, maybe his uncle takes his commitment to his automobile a tad too far.  Yet, the little guy putting a bumper sticker on the car wasn’t the smartest thing he ever did.

Bumper stickers have been around for ages.  One of the first ones I can remember read simply:  “See Rock City.” 

Bumper stickers, now being a rather hot topic at home, I’ve noticed quite a few around town.  “Mom’s Taxi” was on the back of a minivan.  Yes, she had more than one child’s head peering through the window.  “Semper Fi” was on the bumper of a ’68 Ford pickup truck.  I noticed that the pickup and the marine were both smoking.  

“I Brake For Yard Sales,” was a bumper sticker on a small coupe.  A perky blonde who obviously looks for bargains.  “Go Ahead and Hit Me I Need The Money” was on the back of a car driven by a woman who was texting on her telephone as she drove. Was she looking for an accident to pay her cell phone bill?

More than one automobile around town displayed bumper stickers with “Proud Parent of a Honor Student.”  However; only once did I see “Be Nice To Your Kids, They’ll Choose Your Nursing Home.”  I found several company bumper stickers on the automobiles around town.  Unless we meet by accident – I really don’t need to know what insurance company you have.

On the bumper of a 57 Chevy, the message was simple:  “I’d Rather Be Fishing.”  You can also find in Greenwood, a Jeep Wrangler that has a bumper sticker that reads “I’d Rather Be Deer Hunting.”

Why do some people plaster the back of their car with bumper stickers?  If I were going to put a bumper sticker on my car, it would be one I read just yesterday.  “I Hate Bumperstickers.” 

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