Janurary in Indiana !

January 18, 2012 at 2:09 pm Leave a comment

The long icicles hanging from the roof is just one of the many reminders of the recent snow storms that came through Indiana.  Residents had been fixated with snow, rain and then slick roads.  Long lines at the local car wash this past week meant everyone was trying to remove the salty slush mess left on vehicles.

A sure sign of spring:  Girl Scout cookies for sale.  This past week young girls went around the neighborhoods taking orders for Girl Scout Cookies.   So far I have purchased six boxes  —  after all most are fat-free.

With Indiana getting snow – I was surprised to see the lack of snowmen.  With videos and iPads is Frosty the Snowman the thing of the past?  I saw only one (lame) snowman in a yard on the south end of town.

At our house we are looking forward to a Superbowl Football party although with not as much enthusiasm as if the Indianapolis Colts were playing in the Indianapolis Lucas Oil-Stadium. 

We can hardly wait for the road crews to begin working on those chuck holes before it’s too late for your automobile.  Main Street has several hubcaps lost by passing cars.

Remember if you don’t like Indiana weather give it a day or two and it will change.  Just this week, in the middle of January, you can see people in the shopping mall wearing shorts and flip-flops.    

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