“Soup to Nuts”

July 13, 2011 at 2:00 pm Leave a comment

To break the spell of a Saturday routine – try
an afternoon excursion to the flea market.
There you can mingle with people and shop for old and new items.
You might even stumble upon an antique treasure gone unnoticed by less observant eyes.
Or perhaps, you might see that item from the past that
you now could not live without.

There are new t-shirts on sale for less than one
dollar – I had to purchase a few of these!
I’ve found they are great to use as nightshirts when the nephew
makes an unexpected sleep over.
We saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse items for the kids and tools for the men.  There were antique items along side of new
contraptions that any house should not be without.     They handle kinds of collectible items, you it name it,  and they will probably have it.

There were paperbacks for only 25 cents each.  I picked up a dozen for my grandmother.  My husband saw a toy truck that was similar
to one he played with as a child.
It is now considered an antique.

We did see a wide variety of items for sale at
the flea market.  If you have time to
spare why not check it out.  It might be true
to say they have everything from “soup to nuts.”

By far the most unusual item we found for sale
was an old High School year book that had my brother-in-law in it.   We
actually saw what my brother-in-law looked like in his junior year of high
school.  We purchased the book for one dollar;
wonder how much it will be worth to him to keep it quiet.

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